Visiting Bethlehem and Mount Nebo

Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, is one of the most important religions sites in the world. And although I myself am not religious, I very much enjoyed spending a day here. So if you are planning a trip to Palestine or Israel, consider visiting Bethlehem during your travels! It’s an easy day (or even … Read moreVisiting Bethlehem and Mount Nebo

Why Study Abroad?

For me, it was never a question of whether I would study abroad, but where. Travel has been an extremely important and formative part of my life since age 11, when I lived in Spain with my mum. I grew so much as a person during that year, expanding my horizons and deepening my understanding … Read moreWhy Study Abroad?

Dealing with Harassment while Traveling

As a 22-year-old woman who usually travels solo, harassment has become a fact of life for me, especially unabashed stares and cat calls. Is it unpleasant and frustrating? Yes, of course. But over time I have learned many strategies for dealing with harassment while traveling, and they make a big difference! Basic Tips for Dealing … Read moreDealing with Harassment while Traveling

How to Spend your Long Layover in Mexico City

Metropolitan Cathedral, Long Layover in Mexico City

Long layovers are an easy (and economical) way to get a taste of a new place. And as the gateway between North and South America, it’s not hard to find flights with layovers in Mexico City. The capital is so large that you could have a dozen layovers here and still want to return! Here … Read moreHow to Spend your Long Layover in Mexico City

How to Spend your Long Layover in Istanbul

Long Layover in Istanbul, Blue Mosque

Long layovers are an easy (and economical) way to get a taste of a new place. And with easy transportation between the flashy new airport and the city, Istanbul is the perfect layover destination. In addition, Turkish Airline’s new hotel policy provides a free four-star hotel for layovers in Istanbul (terms and conditions apply). And … Read moreHow to Spend your Long Layover in Istanbul

Health and Safety Abroad

Yoga in Thailand, Health and Safety Abroad

It is important to plan ahead on your health and safety abroad, especially when traveling alone or to a new country. However, taking a few simple precautions can go a long way! Read on to discover some of my favorite tips and resources for staying healthy and safe while traveling! STEP: Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan … Read moreHealth and Safety Abroad

Accessing Money Abroad

Leaving the country soon? There are several different methods for accessing money abroad, and each has both pros and cons. Cash (and Travelers Checks) One way of accessing money abroad is to bring US dollars to exchange. You can convert US dollars to local currency in the airport or at a bureau of exchange or … Read moreAccessing Money Abroad

What to Pack for Study Abroad

Don’t know what to pack for study abroad? This is a daunting task, to be sure. Planning out 3-4 months worth of outfits is no easy task, especially considering changing seasons and limited luggage space! But don’t worry, I’ve learned a lot about packing over the years, from two-month backpacking trips to 10-month, multi-continent expeditions. … Read moreWhat to Pack for Study Abroad

Places to Visit in Rabat

Chellah, Places to Visit in Rabat

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I should even visit Rabat. After all, I don’t usually like capitals very much, and there are so many cities to see in Morocco! But I’m happy to report that there are a ton of cool places to visit in Rabat, and in fact, it ended up being one of … Read morePlaces to Visit in Rabat

Exploring Marrakech

Koutoubia Minar, Exploring Marrakech

Menara Gardens & Koutoubia Minaret Marrakech is best known for its labyrinth of markets, but there’s SO much more to do here than shop! When exploring Marrakech this summer, my first stop was the Menara Gardens. There’s a big (artificial) lake, a pavilion, and some small gardens to stroll through. If you go in the … Read moreExploring Marrakech