Monterrico: The Best Beach in Guatemala

Want to visit a beach during your trip to Guatemala? Read on about my experiences in Monterrico, arguably the best beach in Guatemala! This beach is just a 2-hour drive from Antigua, not very touristy, and has beautiful black, volcanic sand!

Day 1 at the Best Beach in Guatemala!

We left at 6:00 am this morning for Monterrico, a black sand beach on the Pacific Ocean of Guatemala. I sunbathed on the beautiful sand and went beach combing for a while before eating lunch at a cute little restaurant on the beach. Then a few of us wandered around town for a bit, did a little shopping, and got fresh-squeezed juice and ice cream.

Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala


Back at the beach, a local had set up a slackline and offered to let us try. I was very proud to be the first one to make it all the way across, and I asked a friend to film me doing it again. Unfortunately, I ended up falling on my crotch and then onto the sand, and that was the end of that. Luckily, though, it didn’t hurt much (although several men came up to me afterwards looking very concerned). Thank goodness I’m a woman! And I’m glad I got it on film, too – the video makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Slacklining in Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala


Done with the slackline, I decided to rinse the sand off in the ocean. The water was warm, but the big waves seemed to put more sand in my swimsuit than they were taking out! To this day, the pink bikini I wore that day still has grains of black sand caught between the layers of fabric. Now I wear black swimsuits when I go to black sand beaches to avoid this problem!

Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala


In the evening, we walked a short way down the beach to a wildlife sanctuary. For 10 quetzales (about $1.30), you could release a baby sea turtle into the ocean. We all bought tickets, and each played with his or her turtle for a little while. They were so little and cute!!! Then we all released them behind a rope at the same time so that they could have a race to the ocean.

One of my friend’s turtle fell asleep and never took a single step. My turtle got to the water first, but then a wave pushed it back up onto the sand. Someone else’s turtle kept falling in a footprint, and after finally getting out, it would fall right back in. It was so much fun, and I got to hold a baby sea turtle! How cool is that?!? Getting to play with baby sea turtles is yet another reason why Monterrico is the best beach in Guatemala!

Baby sea turtles in Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala


Then we went to dinner at a restaurant named Johnny’s, which everyone told us was the best place for dinner. The food was good, and the mashed potatoes were to-die-for. Then went to another “restaurant” (really just a shack on the beach) for a live music performance and happy hour. The sunset was beautiful, too!

Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala



Day 2 at the Best Beach in Guatemala!

The next morning, some of us got up at 5 am for a tour of the mangroves. We navigated through the little channels of water in a small wooden boat and got up close and personal with the wildlife and mangrove trees. Plus we enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise! Almost all mangrove forests are located in Asia, so Monterrico is definitely the best beach in Latin America for experiencing such a beautiful and endangered ecosystem!

Mangroves in Monterrico, the best beach in Guatemala


Then we hung out for a few more hours on the beautiful beach, just sunbathing, beachcombing, and generally relaxing. After another delicious lunch, we drove back to our host families in Pastores. I, however, was dropped off in Antigua to meet up with my mum, who had arrived that morning to visit me! Click here to read about my mum’s visit (and my dad’s!) when I lived abroad.

My parents come visit me abroad


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Happy Travels! XOXO Ann


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