Sightseeing in Delhi, India

Want to go sightseeing in Delhi but don’t know where to visit? Here are some of my favorite sites in this awesome city, a list I compiled back when I lived in India!


Sikh Temple: Sightseeing in Delhi

I began exploring New Delhi this afternoon, and it was nothing short of incredible! First we went to the amazing Sikh temple “Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.” We had to cover our heads, so we used scarfs (if we had them), or else these neon orange “bandanas”. Then we removed our shoes and washed our feet in an inch-deep fountain before entering the temple.

Sikh temple, sightseeing in Delhi


First we went to the temple’s kitchen, where they serve hundreds or thousands of free meals a day, to the poor and rich alike.

Sikh temple, sightseeing in Delhi


When we visited the kitchen, we were invited to sit down and make chapati with the kitchen volunteers. It was kind of like making tortillas, except they were made of wheat and we used a rolling pin. The woman next to me spoke no English, but she still taught me what to do and corrected my technique.

Sikh temple, sightseeing in Delhi


Then we finally went inside the Sikh temple. It was absolutely beautiful!!! There were intricate patterns and gold detailing everywhere, and even several crystal chandeliers! People touched the doorstep as we entered and exited the temple, and some also touched their forehead, cheeks, and/or chest. There was a window into a room with the sacred scripture where people would put their hands together or prostrate on the floor. There were also three men playing instruments and chanting, kind of like the prayer recitations in a Mosque.

Although no photography was allowed in the temple, I got this shot of some marigold flowers just outside the entrance, which also decorated the inside of the temple. In India, marigolds are very common in religious practice as well as in welcoming guests with garlands of flowers.

Sikh temple, sightseeing in Delhi


Red Fort: Sightseeing in Delhi

One of the top destinations for sightseeing in Delhi is the Red Fort, which was a magnificent fort made of red stone. This fort was built by the Moguls, but the English captured it when they took over India.

Red Fort, sightseeing in Delhi     Red Fort, sightseeing in Delhi


We saw the royal gardens, the place where the Mogul sat and listen to his subjects, and even his very fancy bathroom! Many of the structures inside the fort were made of marble and covered in carvings and inlaid with precious stones.

Red Fort, sightseeing in Delhi     Red Fort, sightseeing in Delhi


The bus ride home was was SO much more interesting than driving back home in the United States. I love watching the crazy driving, the chaos on the sidewalks, and the bright colors everywhere (especially on all the women’s saris).

Driving and sightseeing in Delhi



Qutb Minar: Sightseeing in Delhi

Delhi’s most famous mosque, Quwwatul, has the tallest bric minaret in the world (called Qutb Minar).

Qutb Minar, sightseeing in Delhi


The minaret was covered in the delicate engravings of Arabic writing and geometric patterns. The attention to detail was absolutely stunning!

Qutb Minar, sightseeing in Delhi


Apparently, the mosque was built using pieces of Hindu and Jain temples that were destroyed in the area. However the depiction of figures in holy spaces is considered to be idolatrous in Islam. Thus, any faces had to be removed from the recycled stone bricks before being used in Mughal structures.

Qutb Minar, sightseeing in Delhi


India Gate: Sightseeing in Delhi

Another top place to visit when sightseeing in Delhi is the India Gate, which memorializes 80,000 Indians who’ve fought in various wars. I’d seen pictures of this famous gate before, but it looks so much bigger and more impressive in person! There are also guards keeping watch under the arch, who keep a fire burning 24/7 as part as the memorial.

India Gate, sightseeing in Delhi


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